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Instructional Documents

Folder Aspen Tutorials (11 Files)
pdf file Aspen Attendance Tutorial.pdf
pdf file Daily vs Class Attendance.pdf
pdf file Printing Blank Rosters.pdf
pdf file Class list Roster.pdf
pdf file K-8 Aspen Training Agenda.pdf
doc file Bonus Points.docx
pdf file Mass Update Categoires to Public Tutorial.pdf
pdf file Assignment Mass Update to public Tutorial.pdf
doc file Mass Update Step by Step Instructions.docx
pdf file Accessing Student Portal Login Username.pdf
pdf file Posting Grades (Updated Oct 2016)
Folder Classroom Management and Discipline (33 Files)
pdf file Student Remediation Plan - Classroom Management.pdf
pdf file Classroom Transition Activities.pdf
pdf file Classroom Rules - Sample Format and Suggestions.pdf
pdf file Determining Consequences for Breaking Classroom Rules.pdf
pdf file Establishing Classroom Rules.pdf
doc file Setting Student Freedoms and Responsibilities by The New Teacher Advisor.docx
doc file Cheating in the Classroom - How to Prevent It and Handle It.docx
doc file Classroom Behavior - Is Character Education The Answer.docx
doc file Student Motivation - Three Ways to Make Values Last at Your School.docx
doc file Tools to Motivate Students by The New Teacher Advisor.docx
doc file Behavior Management Tips - Personal Behavior Management.docx
ppt file Different Approaches to Classroom Management and Discipline.ppt
ppt file Managing Student Behavior and Prompting Social Acceptance.ppt
pdf file Effective Classroom Management - A Teacher's Guide.pdf
pdf file Practical Guide to Primary Classroom Management.pdf
ppt file Classroom Management Techniques.ppt
pdf file Managing Classroom Behavior and Discipline.pdf
ppt file Managing Student Behavior - Melinda Butler.ppt
ppt file Creating a Positive Classroom Environment.ppt
ppt file Class Management and Discipline.ppt
ppt file Classroom Management - Insight and Humor.pptx
ppt file Creating a Supportive Learning Environment.pptx
ppt file Classroom Management Styles and Rationale.ppt
ppt file Classroom Management Techniques - Dr Tito Demafiles.ppt
ppt file Classroom Management Profile - Styles and Techniques.ppt
pdf file Effective Classroom Management - A Teachers Guide - Smith and Laslett.pdf
ppt file Classroom Management for Substitute Teachers - A Workshop - Angela Moore.ppt
pdf file Practical Guide to Primary Classroom Management - Rob Barnes.pdf
ppt file Classroom Management Course - I Can Do It - Heather Sparks NBCT.ppt
pdf file Effective Teaching Strategies.pdf
pdf file Classroom Checklist Before Lesson Presentation.pdf
pdf file Daily Behavior Report.pdf
pdf file Bullying Prevention - A Comprehensive Guide.pdf
Folder Classroom Planning, Instruction, and Student Motivation (109 Files)
pdf file Project Plan Evaluation Form Three Phases.pdf
pdf file Monthly Content and Skills Planning Grid.pdf
pdf file Class Website Content Organizer Form.pdf
pdf file WebQuest Lesson Planner Form.pdf
pdf file Block Lesson Plan Template.pdf
pdf file Guide to Writing Objectives.pdf
pdf file Weekly Content and Skills Planning Calendar.pdf
pdf file Compare and Contrast Web - Graphic Organizer.pdf
pdf file Chain of Events Graphic Organizer.pdf
pdf file Internet Resource Graphic Organizer.pdf
doc file List of Online Virtual Tours.doc
pdf file Formal Presentation Rubric.pdf
pdf file Listening Response Activity.pdf
pdf file Essay Evaluation Exercise Practice.pdf
pdf file Note-Taking Tips for Students.pdf
pdf file Key Words Study Review Activity.pdf
pdf file Reading the Directions - An Exercise in Proficiency.pdf
pdf file Pre-Reading Organizer.pdf
pdf file Reading Anticipation Guide.pdf
pdf file Affective Graphic Organizer - Facts Relating to Feelings.pdf
pdf file Search Engine Reference Tool.pdf
pdf file Venn Diagram to Compare and Contrast.pdf
pdf file Cause and Effect - A Fishbone Mapping Diagram.pdf
pdf file A Sensory Vizualization Chart - Reading Evoking Imagery and Sensations.pdf
pdf file Building Background Information Organizer.pdf
pdf file Student Career Path Determination Activity.pdf
pdf file Career Building Skills - Expanding Your Horizons.pdf
pdf file Guide to Citing Electronic Resources.pdf
pdf file An Exercise in Developing a Topic Pespective.pdf
pdf file Bullseye Graphic Organizer for Ideas and Concepts.pdf
pdf file Keyboard Shortcuts for Internet Browsers.pdf
pdf file Internet Resource Evaluation Checklist.pdf
pdf file General Lesson Plan Outline.pdf
pdf file Depth of Knowledge by Levels.pdf
doc file Using Debates for Learning in the Classroom.docx
doc file Differentiated Instruction - Teaching to Ability, Not Age.docx
doc file Homework Guidelines.docx
doc file Handwriting - How to Teach Handwriting and Its Importance.docx
ppt file Motivation Maintaining Techniques.pptx
doc file Theories of Motivation.docx
doc file Virtual Online Tours of Museums and Art Galleries.doc
pdf file Ten Tips for Mastering Essay Questions.pdf
pdf file Test-Taking Strategies - A Plan to Win.pdf
pdf file Strategies for Taking Multiple Choice Tests.pdf
pdf file Test Time - Test Taking Strategies for Students, Parents, and Teachers.pdf
pdf file Test-Taking Preparation and Strategies.pdf
pdf file 12 Powerful Words to Increase Test Scores.pdf
pdf file Power Strategies for End-of-Grade Tests.pdf
ppt file Psychology - Sensation and Perception.pptx
ppt file Teaching - Inductive Compared to Deduction Methodology.pptx
pdf file Instructional Design - A Not Forgotten Art.pdf
ppt file Creating a Compentency Focused Approach to Learning.pptx
pdf file E-Learning and the Science of Instruction.pdf
ppt file Curriculum - The Art and Science of Teaching.pptx
ppt file English Language Arts - Teaching Reading in Elementary School.ppt
ppt file Intended Learning Outcomes and Student Assessment.ppt
ppt file Teaching English Learners - Best Practices.ppt
ppt file Testing, Assessing, and Teaching.pptx
ppt file Content, Task and Project Based Instruction and Learning.ppt
pdf file Motivating People - Why My Horse Does Not Drink.pdf
ppt file Educational Motivation Theories Explored.pptx
ppt file Motivation Types and Theories.ppt
ppt file Motivation and Learning - Effective Methods.pptx
file file Educational Psychology - K. Seifert
ppt file Motivating Students to Learn.pptx
ppt file Educational Psychology - Teachers Talk, Students Talk.pptx
ppt file Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need Theory - Explored.ppt
ppt file Motivation - Discover Key Factors for Building a Motivated Students.ppt
pdf file Classroom Teaching - 101 Great Activities.pdf
ppt file Substitute Teacher Toolkit - A Workshop - Angela Moore.ppt
ppt file Creating PowerPoints - Design Content and Delivery.ppt
pdf file Inspire Young Learners - Be the Hero.pdf
pdf file Making Learning Relevant - 21st Century Design.pdf
pdf file MicroLearning - Break It Down and Mix It Up.pdf
pdf file Blooms Taxonomy Creatively Visualized.pdf
pdf file Modern Communication Skills in the Classroom.pdf
pdf file Designing 21st Century Learning Experiences.pdf
pdf file Tips to Beat Summer Brain Drain.pdf
pdf file Tips for Parents to Encourage and Motivate Students.pdf
pdf file Creating Positive Attitudes about Reading.pdf
ppt file Developing a Lesson - Instructional Planning.pptx
ppt file Instructional Planning - The Components of a Lesson Plan.pptx
ppt file What to Consider When Making a Lesson Plan.pptx
ppt file Nature and Importance of Lesson Planning.pptx
pdf file Styles of Learning and Thinking Matter in Instruction and Assessment.pdf
ppt file Principles of Teaching - Importance of Lesson Plans.pptx
pdf file Teaching Literacy with Urgency.pdf
ppt file Lesson Planning - Empowerment Program.ppt
pdf file Teaching Critical Thinking to Young Learners.pdf
pdf file Learning in a Changing World.pdf
ppt file The Creative Classroom - A Presentation.pptx
pdf file Deafness and Hearing Loss as Relates to Education -by Reading Rockets.pdf
pdf file Utilizing Similarities and Differences between English and Spanish to Teach Language Arts.pdf
pdf file Cognates - A Definition and Guide to Usage for Teaching Language.pdf
pdf file How to Group ELL - English Language Learners for Best Instruction Results.pdf
ppt file Factors Affecting Language Learning Strategies.pptx
pdf file Teachers Guide to Creating a Classroom of Student Self-Editing Writers.pdf
pdf file Student Center Active Aligned to CCSS.pdf
pdf file RTI and Reading Response to Intervention in a Nutshell Reading Rockets.pdf
ppt file Reading is an Interactive Process.ppt
ppt file Interactive Reading Model - What Teachers Should Know.pptx
pdf file Factors and Multiples of Numbers.pdf
pdf file Numbering Systems Explained.pdf
ppt file Blooms Taxonomy - Higher Order Thinking in the Classroom.pptx
ppt file Blooms Taxonomy Illustrated.pptx
ppt file Instructional and Behavioral Objectives.pptx
pdf file Multi Modal Think Board Model.pdf
ppt file Reading - Barretts taxonomy.pptx
ppt file Understanding Blooms Taxonomy.ppt
Folder Dynamic Curriculum: Kindergarten to 5th Grade (343 Files)
Sub Folder English - Language Arts (118 Files)
pdf file 3rd English - Possessive Noun Worksheet.pdf
doc file 4th English - Forming Compound Sentences.doc
doc file 3rd-5th English - To,Too,Two - Knowing the Difference Worksheet.docx
doc file 4th-5th English - Determine the Punctuation.doc
doc file 1st-2nd English - Communication Lesson.doc
doc file 1st English - Story in Waiting.doc
doc file 1st-2nd English - Antonym Song.doc
doc file 1st English - Using Punctuation, Stop That Sentence.doc
doc file 1st-2nd English - Cooperative Communication.doc
doc file 1st English - Word Family Practice.doc
doc file 2nd English - Story Elements Map Lesson.doc
doc file 2nd English - Non-Fiction Text Features.doc
doc file 2nd-4th English - Writing Contractions.doc
doc file 2nd-5th English - Three Words - Same Sound - Different Meaning.doc
doc file 4th English - Making Inferences.doc
doc file 4th-5th English - Fact v Opinion Exercise.doc
doc file 4th-5th English - Write the Abbreviation.doc
pdf file 5th English - Cereal Box Advertising Design Project.pdf
doc file 5th English - Logic Skills with Analogies Lesson Plan.doc
doc file 5th English - Paragraph Puzzle.doc
pdf file 5th English - Note-Taking for Research.pdf
doc file 5th English - Rings of Writing Inpiration.doc
doc file 1st English - Pick a Pet Activity.doc
doc file 1st English - Punctuation Usage Lesson Plan.doc
ppt file Literacy - The First 50 Words of Fluency.pptx
ppt file 2nd-4th English - Learning Contractions - The Contraction Twins.ppt
ppt file 4th-5th English - Author Purpose.ppt
ppt file 5th English - Information about Giving a Speeech.ppt
ppt file 5th English - Hyperboles.ppt
ppt file 5th English - Effects of Sound.ppt
ppt file 5th English - Correct Sentence Punctuation.ppt
ppt file 2nd-4th English - Forming Plural Forms of Nouns.ppt
ppt file 4th-5th English - Subject-Verb Agreement.pps
doc file 1st-2nd English - Compound Word Game with Printable Cards.doc
ppt file 2nd-4th English - Contractions Rules.ppt
ppt file 1st-4th English - Possessive Nouns.ppt
ppt file 2nd-5th English - Complete and Incomplete Sentences - Reteach.pptx.ppt
ppt file 3rd-5th English - Plural Forming Rules.ppt
ppt file 5th English - Construct and Complete Analogies.ppt
ppt file 2nd-5th English - Complete and Incomplete Sentences.pptx
ppt file 2nd-5th English - Rules for Conversation.ppt
ppt file Literacy - Elementary Fluency Phrases.ppt
ppt file 5th English - Define and Narrow a Research Topic.ppt
ppt file 5th English - Write and Submit a Research Report.ppt
ppt file 1st-4th English - Understanding Verbs.ppt
ppt file 4th-5th English - Baseball Challenge - Grammar.ppt
ppt file 4th-5th English - Hillbilly Feud - Parts of Speech Game.ppt
ppt file 2nd-4th English - Interactive Jeopardy Game on Contractions.ppt
ppt file 1st English - Beginning Words.ppt
ppt file Reading Strategies for Non-Fiction Cause and Effect Relationships.ppt
ppt file 1st English - Rhyming Game.ppt
ppt file 1st-5th English - KWL Know-Want-Learn Lesson.ppt
ppt file English - All About Nouns.pptx
ppt file English - Elementary - Elements of a Story.pptx
ppt file Writing Prompts - Easter Island.ppt
ppt file Writing Prompt - Excitement.ppt
ppt file TN Writing Prompt.ppt
ppt file Writing Prompt - Magic Carpet.ppt
ppt file Writing Prompt - Alive.ppt
ppt file Writing Prompt - Proud Day.ppt
ppt file Writing Prompts - A Very Important Person.ppt
ppt file Writing Prompt - Suprise Gift.ppt
ppt file Writing Prompts - Family Gathering.ppt
ppt file Writing Prompts - Grown Up.ppt
ppt file Writing Prompts - Babysitting a Pet.ppt
ppt file Writing Prompts - The Castle.ppt
ppt file Edit Marks Tutorial.ppt
ppt file Narrative Prompts.ppt
ppt file How to Write an Autobiography.ppt
ppt file Summer Writing Prompts.ppt
ppt file Writing Prompt - Snow Day.ppt
ppt file Writing Prompt - New Sled.ppt
ppt file Writing Prompts - Baby Bear.ppt
ppt file Writing Prompt - Scary Story.ppt
ppt file Writing Prompt - Abducted.ppt
ppt file Homophones.ppt
ppt file Capitals and Punctuation.pps
ppt file Capitalization and Punctuation.ppt
ppt file Friendly Letters Tutorial.ppt
ppt file Writing - Plug-In Prompts.ppt
ppt file Ending Punctuation Marks.ppt
ppt file Writing Activity for the Movie Holes.ppt
ppt file Writing Activity - Sparkle Words.ppt
ppt file Using the Word I in Writing Skills.ppt
ppt file Complete Sentences Explained.ppt
ppt file Proof Reading Skills.ppt
ppt file Root Words.ppt
ppt file A Study Game of Xs and Os.ppt
ppt file Capitalization Rules.ppt
ppt file Study Skills to Succeed in Middle School.ppt
ppt file Common and Proper Nouns.ppt
ppt file Sentence Fragments.ppt
ppt file Sentence Transitions.ppt
ppt file Devloping a Topic Sentence.ppt
ppt file Subject Verb Agreement.pps
ppt file Complete Sentences Form and Function.ppt
ppt file Reading Skills Explained.pptx
ppt file Writing Prompt - Personal Odyssey.ppt
ppt file Sentence Stucture Activity.ppt
ppt file Holiday Sentence Stretching.ppt
ppt file Subject Predicate.ppt
ppt file Punctuation and Captitals.ppt
ppt file Run On Sentences.ppt
ppt file Easter Island.ppt
ppt file 50 Great Read-Alouds for Middle School Students.pptx
ppt file Reading Comprehension - Overview of Skimming and Scanning.ppt
ppt file Tennessee - Information about the State.ppt
ppt file English - Language Arts - Theories in Reading Instruction.pptx
ppt file English - Language Arts - Reading Skills Defined.pptx
ppt file English - Language Arts - Reading Theories.ppt
ppt file Criteria for a Good Pre-School English Class.ppt
pdf file Teaching Readers Using Complex Text.pdf
doc file Lesson Plan - Describe the Main Characters in a Story.doc
pdf file A Compact for Reading Guide - Action Kit.pdf
doc file English - Elementary - Lesson Plan on Themes.doc
ppt file English - Elements and Aspects of a Story.pptx
ppt file Elements of a Story - Focus on Rising and Falling Action.pptx
ppt file Elements of a Short Story.ppt
Sub Folder Mathematics (83 Files)
pdf file 1st Math - Subtracting with Dominoes.pdf
doc file 1st Math - Addition and Subtraction Strategies.doc
doc file 1st Math - Discovering Eggs Unit Plan.doc
pdf file 1st Math - Identify Simple Number Patterns.pdf
doc file 1st Math - Geometry Unit Plan.doc
pdf file 1st Math - Adding with Math Cubes.pdf
pdf file 1st Math - Associative and Commutative Properties.pdf
xls file 1st Math - First Grade Pacing Guide.xls
doc file 1st Math - Geometric Shapes Unit Plan.doc
pdf file 1st-5th Math - Isodot Paper Printable Form.pdf
pdf file 1st Math - Morning Work.pdf
pdf file 3rd Math - Checks for Understanding.pdf
doc file 2nd Math - Measuring Length.doc
xls file 3rd Math - Third Grade Pacing Guide.xls
pdf file 3rd-5th Math - Ten Methods for Instruction.pdf
pdf file 3rd-5th Math - Word Problems to Determine Unit of Measurement.pdf
xls file 4th Math - Fourth Grade Pacing Guide.xls
doc file 4th Math - Solids, Three Dimensional Shapes in Geometry.docx
xls file 5th Math - Fifth Grade Pacing Guide.xls
pdf file 6th Math - Scanvenger Hunt for Lengths.pdf
pdf file 1st Math - Correct Sums.pdf
doc file 1st Math - Number Sequences.doc
ppt file 3rd Math - Subtraction with Regrouping.ppt
pdf file 3rd-5th Math - Word Problems with Everyday Items.pdf
doc file K Math - Bear Unit.doc
xls file K Math - Kindergarten Pacing Guide.xls
ppt file 3rd Math - Symmetry in Geometry.ppt
ppt file 4th Math - Pictographs - Using Symbols to Represent Data.ppt
ppt file 2nd Math - Property of Transitivity.ppt
ppt file 3rd Math - Three Digit Subtraction.ppt
ppt file 4th Math - Finding the Perimeter.ppt
ppt file 4th-5th Math - Inverse Operations.ppt
ppt file 1st Math - Math Exercise with Addition and Subtraction.ppt
pdf file 1st Math - Grade Level Standards Guide.pdf
pdf file 1st Math - Standards, GLE, Checks for Understanding.pdf
ppt file 1st-3rd Math - Money Math.ppt
ppt file 3rd Math - Metric Measurements - Millimeters and Centimeters.ppt
ppt file 3rd Math - Metric Measurements.ppt
ppt file 3rd Math - Multiplying by Three.ppt
ppt file 3rd math - Subtraction Madness.ppt
ppt file 4th Math - Bar Graphs to Represent Data.ppt
ppt file 4th Math - Line Graphs Ploting Information.ppt
ppt file 4th Math - Understanding and Making Circle Graphs or Pie Charts.ppt
ppt file 4th Math - Two and Three Dimensional Figures.ppt
ppt file 4th Math - Understanding Venn Diagrams.ppt
ppt file 5th Math - Estimating Number Solutions.ppt
ppt file 5th Math - Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple.ppt
ppt file 5th Math - Estimation with Numbers.ppt
ppt file 1st Math - Inverse Operations.ppt
ppt file 3rd Math - English Measurements.ppt
ppt file 1st Math - Writing Words as Numbers.ppt
pdf file Kindergarten - Math - Standards, GLE, Checks for Understanding.pdf
ppt file 1st Math - Comparative Words.ppt
ppt file 1st Math - Magic Math Fact Checking.ppt
pdf file 3rd Math - Math Concepts Vocabulary Visually.pdf
ppt file 1st Math - Number Name Words.ppt
ppt file 3rd Math - Making Measurements.ppt
ppt file 3rd Math - Fractions by Example.ppt
ppt file 3rd Math - Subtraction Across a Zero.ppt
pdf file 1st Math - Mathmatics Concepts Visual Vocabulary.pdf
pdf file 3rd Math - Student Performance Indicators Chart with ACT Readiness.pdf
ppt file 4th Math - Twenty Questions on Math Terms.ppt
ppt file 4th Math - Essential Math Terms - 20 Questions.ppt
ppt file 5th Math - Place Mixed Values in Numerical Order.ppt
ppt file 4th-5th Math - Guess the Math Vocabulary Word.ppt
ppt file 1st Math - Geometric Shapes Power Point for Unit Plan.ppt
ppt file 1st Math - Geometric Shapes.ppt
pdf file 1st Math - Standards Transition Guide.pdf
ppt file 3rd-5th Math - Fractions Represented Visually.ppt
ppt file 3rd-5th Math - Reading and Writing Numbers by Place Value.ppt
ppt file 3rd Math - Word Problem Solving.ppt
ppt file 5th Math - Triangle Vocabulary Names and Terms.ppt
ppt file 1st-2nd Math - The Happy Game of Math Operations.ppt
ppt file 5th Math - Review Challenege.ppt
ppt file 4th-5th Math - Geometry Vocabulary Challenge.ppt
ppt file 5th Math - Medieval Millions PowerPoint Questions Game.ppt
ppt file 3rd Math - Mathology - Determining Patterns in Numbers.pps
pdf file Math - Ten Best Practices in Mathematics Instruction.pdf
pdf file Math - A Guide to Developing Mathematical Thinking through Effective Questioning.pdf
pdf file Math - Multiple teaching Strategies.pdf
xls file 2nd Math - Second Grade Pacing Guidelines.xls
ppt file 1st Grade Addition and Subtraction Learning.pptx
ppt file Six Essential Concepts to Mastering Math.pptx
Sub Folder Science (28 Files)
ppt file 4th Science - Liquid Measurements.ppt
ppt file Science - Characteristics of Living Things.ppt
ppt file Science - Social Studies - What a Globe is.ppt
doc file 1st Science - Earth Materials Unit Plan.doc
ppt file Science - Basics of Electricity.pptx
ppt file Science - Matter Explained, Elementary Grades.pptx
ppt file Science - Elementary Grades - Machines Explained.pptx
ppt file Science - Atoms and the Periodic Table.pptx
ppt file Science - Knowledge Review Quiz Elementary Grades.ppt
ppt file Science - Life Cycle of a Plant.ppt
ppt file Science - Human Circulatory System for Elementary Grades.pptx
ppt file Science - Elementary Physical Science Visual Dictionary.ppt
ppt file Science - Animal Adaptation.pptx
ppt file Science - Weather, Erosion, and Deposition.pptx
pdf file Science - Resources for Grades 3-6.pdf
ppt file Science and Technology Integration - Educational K-6 Internet Resources.pptx
ppt file K-1st Science - Butterfly Life Cycle.ppt
ppt file 3rd-5th Science - Plant Parts and Functions.ppt
ppt file 3rd-5th Science - Solar System.ppt
ppt file 4th-5th Earth Science.ppt
ppt file Science - Hydrologic Cycle_1.ppt
ppt file Science - Natural Wonders of North America_1.ppt
doc file Lesson Plan - Kindergarten - Science - What Animals Eat.docx
doc file K-5 Lesson Plan on The Five Senses.docx
ppt file Science - Elementary - The Planets of the Solar System.ppt
ppt file A Bugs Life - Interesting Facts about Insects.ppt
pdf file Science - The Biology and Habitats of Animals.pdf
doc file K-3rd Science - Geography - Learn The World Continents.doc
Sub Folder Social Studies, History, and Economics (87 Files)
ppt file Economics - Basic Concepts.ppt
ppt file History - John Sevier - TN First Governor.ppt
ppt file History - Civil War - Life in Battle and at Home.ppt
ppt file History - US Presidents - Jackson from TN.pptx
ppt file History - American Revolution - Shall We Go to War.ppt
ppt file History - President Jackson Review Activity.ppt
ppt file History - Indentured Servants.ppt
ppt file History - Early Tennessee Settlers.ppt
ppt file History - American Revolution by ABCs.ppt
ppt file Natural Wonders of North America.ppt
ppt file Recognizing Womens Equal Right to Vote.ppt
ppt file Natural Resources to Finished Products.ppt
ppt file History and Historical Research.pptx
ppt file World War II Begins.ppt
ppt file Goods and Services - Social Studies Grade 3.ppt
ppt file Responsibilities of Citizenship.ppt
ppt file Notable Tennesseeans.ppt
ppt file Understanding Natural Resources.ppt
ppt file The Star Spangled Banner.ppt
ppt file Do You Really Need It - Social Studies Grade 3.ppt
ppt file How a Bill becomes a Law.ppt
ppt file Native American Groups - Social Studies.ppt
ppt file Consitutional Amendments 13,14,15,16,19.ppt
ppt file Constitutional Amendments.ppt
ppt file Branches of Government - Governance and Civics.ppt
ppt file Natural Resources.ppt
ppt file What is Bartering - Social Studies Grade 3.ppt
ppt file Branches of US Government.ppt
ppt file Times Marches On -Determining Order of Events.ppt
ppt file Barter v Money - Baseball Lesson - Grade 4.ppt
ppt file The 13 Colonies - Name Origin and Industries.ppt
ppt file Why Do We Study History.pptx
ppt file Learning About America.ppt
ppt file Understanding Types of Maps.ppt
ppt file Guide to Reading Map Elements.ppt
ppt file Continents and Oceans.ppt
ppt file Earth Geographical Features.ppt
ppt file Business - Production and Consumption.ppt
ppt file North and South in the Civil War.ppt
ppt file States and Capitols.ppt
ppt file Kinds of Communities.ppt
ppt file How Work Provides Income for Necessities.ppt
ppt file Pre-Civil War - Grade 4.ppt
ppt file Geography - Understanding Map Elements.ppt
ppt file Landforms Explained.ppt
ppt file Civil War - Notable Characters.ppt
ppt file The Road to War - Part 1 - US Civil War.ppt
ppt file The Great Depression - A Virtual Field Trip.ppt
ppt file Lesson on Earth Continents.ppt
ppt file Global Geopgraphy Review.ppt
ppt file Road to Civil War.ppt
ppt file Social Studies Knowledge Test.ppt
ppt file Colonial America Timeline.ppt
ppt file The Road to War - Part 2 - US Civil War.ppt
ppt file Community and State Government - Grade 3.ppt
ppt file History - Pearl Harbor.ppt
ppt file The Way West - Social Studies.ppt
ppt file People from the Past.ppt
ppt file Appalachian History.ppt
ppt file 2nd-5th Economics - Consumers and Producers.ppt
ppt file 1st-6th Gov John Sevier Biography Information.ppt
ppt file 3rd Social Studies - History Citizenship Duties.ppt
ppt file 4th-5th Jeopardy Interactive Game on Life on John Sevier.ppt
ppt file 4th Social Studies - Marble Springs - John Sevier Homeplace.ppt
ppt file 2nd-4th Social Studies - Skill - Ancient or Modern Times.ppt
ppt file 2nd-5th Social Studies - Geography - Continents Knowledge.ppt
ppt file 4th Economics - Barter versus Money.ppt
gif file Counties of West Tennessee.gif
gif file Counties of Middle Tennessee.gif
gif file Counties of East Tennessee.gif
ppt file Social Studies - Economics - Goods and Services.ppt
ppt file Social Studies - Economics of Bartering.ppt
ppt file Social Studies - Natural Resources to Finished Products.ppt
ppt file Social Studies - Economics Needs and Wants.ppt
ppt file Social Studies - The Earth - Major Geographical Features.ppt
ppt file Social Studies - Making a Timeline - Terms amd Concepts.ppt
ppt file Social Studies - Continents Global Connections.ppt
ppt file Social Studies - Mapping It Out Using Legends and Indicators.ppt
ppt file History - Civil War Jeopardy Activity.ppt
ppt file Social Studies - Community and State Government.ppt
ppt file Social Studies - The Road to Civil War.ppt
ppt file Social Studies - History - Notable People in History.ppt
pdf file History - 4th grade - Columbus - Reading with Quiz Questions.pdf
pdf file History - 3rd-5th - Making an Explorer Trading Card.pdf
pdf file History - 3rd grade - Columbus - Reading with Quiz Questions.pdf
pdf file History - 1st-5th - Spanish Explorers Cut Out Guide.pdf
pdf file History - 5th grade - Columbus - Reading with Quiz Questions.pdf
Sub Folder Arts and Music (10 Files)
pdf file Art Education - Why Schools Need the Arts.pdf
ppt file Art - An Introduction to Art History.pptx
ppt file Art Education and Brain Research.ppt
pdf file Art Education - Positive Effects on Learning.pdf
ppt file Art Education in Elementary School.pptx
ppt file Art History - A Timeline of Art.ppt
pdf file Music - Benefits to Child Development.pdf
pdf file Art - The Impact of Art Education.pdf
ppt file Art - Theories of Childhood Art Development.pptx
ppt file Elementary Aspects of Art.ppt
Sub Folder PowerPoint Learning Games (17 Files)
ppt file Twenty Questions.ppt
ppt file Hillsborough Squares.ppt
ppt file Hillsborough Squares 2.ppt
ppt file Wheel of Fortune.ppt
ppt file Who Wants to be a Millionaire.ppt
ppt file Holiday Squares.ppt
ppt file Big Wheel Elementary.ppt
ppt file Big Wheel.ppt
ppt file Jeopardy.ppt
ppt file Align the Stars Game.ppt
ppt file Whats Behind the Box 2.ppt
ppt file Car Race - Beach Rally.ppt
ppt file Whats Behind the Box.ppt
ppt file Big Board Facts with Answers Game.ppt
ppt file Horse Race.ppt
ppt file Sunken Treasure.ppt
ppt file Guess What Louie is Thinking.ppt
Folder Dynamic Curriculum: Middle School to High School, 6th to 12th Grade (544 Files)
Folder e-Instruction Board Tutorials (20 Files)
pdf file module 1d - interactive mode.pdf
pdf file module 3a - using workspace to engage students.pdf
pdf file module 2b - math tools.pdf
pdf file module 2d - gallery content.pdf
pdf file module 1c - tool properties.pdf
pdf file module 2a - advanced toolbar overview.pdf
pdf file module 2c - and modify pages.pdf
pdf file module 1ab - set up the hardware.pdf
pdf file module 5a - using workspace with existing documents.pdf
pdf file module 7b - programming soft keys.pdf
pdf file module 7d - download workspace lessons.pdf
pdf file module 4b - multimedia.pdf
pdf file module 5b - office mode.pdf
pdf file module 7c - classroom management in a multi-device environment.pdf
pdf file module 6c - use examview with cps or response.pdf
pdf file module 6a - integrate examview questions.pdf
pdf file module 7a - customize workspace.pdf
pdf file module 4a - add existing multimedia.pdf
pdf file module 7e - whiteboard mode.pdf
pdf file module 6b - integrate student response pad questions.pdf
Folder Internet Safety (16 Files)
pdf file Internet - Improving Website Media Literacy.pdf
pdf file Internet Safety - Digital Footprints, Safety, and Citizenship.pdf
pdf file Internet Pocket Guide for Teachers - Using the Internet for Education.pdf
pdf file Gaming Safety.pdf
pdf file State of TN School Internet Safety Policy - State Law in TCA.pdf
pdf file Guide to Youth Cell Phone Use and Online Safety.pdf
pdf file Guide to Internet Online Security and Safety.pdf
pdf file Evaluating Internet Sources Checklist.pdf
pdf file Internet Safety Tips for Teens.pdf
pdf file Online Bullying - Cyberbulling Explanation and Strategy.pdf
pdf file Online Security Made Clear.pdf
pdf file NetSmartz - Tweens Internet Safety - Presenters Guide.pdf
ppt file NetSmartz - Tweens Internet Safety.pptx
pdf file NetSmartz - Teens Internet Safety - Presenters Guide.pdf
ppt file NetSmartz - Teens Internet Safety.pptx
doc file Evaluating Your Web Browser Security Settings.docx
Folder Online Resources (1 Files)
doc file List of Free Educational Websites and Resources.doc
Folder Promethean Board Tutorials (3 Files)
pdf file ActivInspire Manual 2009.pdf
pdf file ActivInspire 101 Tutorial.pdf
doc file Activ Inspire Resources.docx
Folder Student Assessment - Formative, Summative, Process, and Product Assessment (76 Files)
pdf file Goal Setting Worksheet.pdf
pdf file Homework Checklist.pdf
pdf file WebQuest Evaluation Rubric.pdf
pdf file Writing Assessment and Evaluation Rubric.pdf
pdf file Student Questionnaire - Who You Are.pdf
pdf file Relating Student Interests to Work Skills - Career Building Activity.pdf
pdf file Assessment - A Guide to Knowledge and Performance.pdf
ppt file Assessment - Key Principles of Online Assessment.ppt
ppt file Assessment - History of Grading Systems.pptx
ppt file Assessing Knowledge, Process, Understanding, and Performance.pptx
ppt file Teacher Grading Tips.ppt
ppt file Writing Assessment Tips.ppt
ppt file Assessment of Student Learning - Arlan Villanueva.ppt
ppt file Formative Assessment - Nine Types of Assessment.pptx
ppt file Educational Measurement Assessment and Evaluation.pptx
ppt file Assessment - Validity Reliability and Practicality Terms Defined.ppt
ppt file Educational Measurement and Evaluation.ppt
ppt file Testing Guide for Language Teachers.ppt
ppt file Objective Examination Guide.ppt
ppt file Analyzing and Using Test Data.ppt
ppt file Assessment - Measurement Fundamental Concepts and Preliminaries.pptx
ppt file Assessment - Characteristics of a Good Test.pptx
ppt file Steps to Successful Performance Based Assessment.pptx
ppt file Language Testing - Approaches and Techniques.pptx
ppt file Teachers Show - Product and Performance Analysis.pptx
ppt file Evaluating Learning Effectiveness.pptx
ppt file Performance Assessment by Rubric Method.ppt
pdf file Test Construction Techniques and Principles - Study Guide.pdf
ppt file What Is Assessment.pptx
ppt file Analysis of Test Formats.pptx
ppt file Task Design and Rubric Scoring Assessment.pptx
ppt file Types of Tests - An Analysis.pptx
ppt file Assessment - Measurement and Evaluation.pptx
ppt file Principles of High Quality Assessment - Objective and Subjective Methods.pptx
pdf file Principles of Learning - Defining Learning Targets.pdf
ppt file Language Assessment - Principles and Characteristics.pptx
ppt file Formative Assessment vs Summative Assessment.ppt
ppt file Test Construction Guide.ppt
ppt file Evaluation - Qualitative and Quantitative.ppt
ppt file Product and Performance Based Quality Assessment.pptx
ppt file Summative Evaluation - Form and Features.ppt
ppt file Assessment and Rating of Learning Outcomes - K-12 Basic Curriculum.pptx
ppt file Performance Assessment of Process and Product.pptx
ppt file Assessment - Characteristics of Good Testing.ppt
ppt file Principles of High Quality Assessment - Criteria and Techniques.ppt
ppt file Seminar on Assessment.ppt
ppt file Monitoring Student Learning Using Blooms Mastery Guide.ppt
ppt file Assessing Knowledge, Process, Understanding, and Performance_1.pptx
ppt file Portfolio Assessment Methods.pptx
pdf file Language Assessment - Principles and Classroom Practices.pdf
pdf file Formative Assessment Examples.pdf
ppt file Assessment and Testing in the Classroom.ppt
pdf file Sixty Formative Assessment Strategies.pdf
pdf file Formative Assessment - Fifty-Four Examples.pdf
ppt file Formative Assessment - How We Know When Students Are Learning.pptx
ppt file Assessment - The Nature and Purpose of Evaluation.ppt
pdf file Twenty-five Quick Formative Assessment Strategies.pdf
doc file Parent Guide to Helping Students Prepare for Test Taking.doc
pdf file Checklist Evaluation Rubric for Student MultiMedia Presentations.pdf
pdf file Tips for Parents - Getting the Most Information Reading a Report Card.pdf
pdf file Guide to Empowering Parents to Inspire and Help Students Learning to Read - by Reading Rockets.pdf
pdf file Who Can Diagnose LD and or ADHD - Reading Rockets.pdf
pdf file Early Diagnosis and Intervention with Reading Problems - Reading Rockets.pdf
pdf file Catch Them Before They Fall - Identification and Assessment to Prevent Reading Failure in Young Chil
pdf file Early Screening Is at the Heart of Prevention - Reading Rockets.pdf
pdf file Classroom Vocabulary Assessment for Content Areas - Reading Rockets.pdf
pdf file Early Reading Assessment - A Guiding Tool for Instruction - Reading Rockets.pdf
pdf file Guide to Improving Reading Comprehension in K-3 grades.pdf
pdf file Assessment - Testing and Student Stress.pdf
ppt file Assessment of Learning in Psychomotor and Affective Domains.pptx
ppt file Being a Better Test Taker.ppt
doc file Five Tips for Writing a Great SAT Essay.docx
ppt file Power Study Strategies for EOC Tests.pptx
ppt file Test Taking Skills - The Important Ideas.ppt
ppt file Test Taking Strategies - Testing Miss Malarkey.ppt
ppt file Testing 1-2-3 - Strategies for Standardized Test Taking.ppt
Folder Teacher Evaluation Resources (13 Files)
pdf file Kindergarten Teacher Observation Evaluation Form.pdf
pdf file Tips for Making a Good Score on Teacher Planning Evaluation.pdf
pdf file Tips for Making a Good Score on Learning Environment Evaluation.pdf
pdf file Tips for Teacher Instruction Evaluation.pdf
pdf file Tips from Teachers on Improving the Questioning Indicator.pdf
pdf file Professionalism Evaluation Rubric.pdf
pdf file TEAM School Services Personnel Observation Form.pdf
pdf file TEAM Library Media Specialist Observation Form.pdf
pdf file School Services Personnel Evaluation Rubric.pdf
pdf file TEAM Educator Observation Form.pdf
pdf file TEAM General Educator Evaluation Rubric.pdf
pdf file TEAM Evaluation Supplemental Materials.pdf
pdf file Library Media Specialist Evaluation Rubric.pdf
Folder Teacher Professional Development Resources (67 Files)
pdf file Parent Conference Preparation Guide.pdf
pdf file Portfolio Validation Checklist.pdf
pdf file Stress Relief Guide.pdf
pdf file Project Plan Evaluation Form Three Phases_1.pdf
pdf file Teacher Assessment Form - Status of the Class.pdf
pdf file Parents Guide to Helping with Homework Success.pdf
pdf file Summary Homework Grade Sheet.pdf
pdf file Substitute Teacher Folder Checklist.pdf
pdf file Teacher Evaluation Form for Students.pdf
pdf file A Guide to Writing Grant Funding Requests.pdf
pdf file Teacher Professional Development - Portfolio Content Guide.pdf
pdf file Team Meeting Log.pdf
pdf file A Parents Guide to Helping with Homework.pdf
pdf file Grant Proposal Design Planner.pdf
pdf file Block Lesson Plan Template_1.pdf
pdf file Formal Presentation Rubric_1.pdf
pdf file Form to Provide Vital Information to Substitute Teachers.pdf
pdf file Student Remediation Plan - Classroom Management_1.pdf
pdf file Classroom Issues Meeting Agenda.pdf
pdf file Class Website Content Organizer Form_1.pdf
pdf file Developing Concept Comprehension - Cubing.pdf
pdf file Monthly Content and Skills Planning Grid_1.pdf
pdf file Guide to Writing Objectives_1.pdf
pdf file Guidelines for Selecting Portfolio Pieces.pdf
pdf file NCLB - A One Page Goals Summary.pdf
pdf file Task Management Log.pdf
pdf file Resume Building Worksheet Form.pdf
pdf file TN State Board of Education Requirements for Public Schools - Nov 2013.pdf
doc file The Science of Procrastination - Start Creating That Presentation Today.docx
ppt file Philosophy of Teaching Reading - Marlow Ediger.pptx
pdf file My Teaching Philosophy - Amanda Perez.pdf
pdf file The Effective Teacher - Bernadine Jacinto.pdf
ppt file Philosophy of Teaching - Kim Hartley.pptx
pdf file Philosophy of Teaching - Jacqueline Stenson.pdf
pdf file Ten Ways to Effectively Manage Conflict on Project Teams.pdf
pdf file How to Move from Teaching to Professional Development.pdf
pdf file Designing Engaging Presentations.pdf
pdf file Designing Effective Presentations.pdf
pdf file Super Reading and Memory Skills Workshop.pdf
pdf file MRT - Memory Reading Thinking Workshop.pdf
pdf file Gaining More Creativity and Inspiration - Becoming an Idea Machine.pdf
pdf file Eight Insights from the Highly Successful People in the World.pdf
pdf file Ten Ways to be More Mindful at Work.pdf
pdf file Seventeen Ways Successful People Approach Life.pdf
pdf file Professional Development - Developing Leadership on the Job.pdf
ppt file Pedagogy and Teaching Philosophy - Nunez.pptx
ppt file Defining Creativity.pptx
pdf file Creative Thinking - What - Why - How.pdf
pdf file Creative Thinking - Gaining the Edge.pdf
ppt file Characteristics of Creative People.pptx
ppt file Open Education and Personal Learning.pptx
pdf file Teaching with Rigor and Urgency without Teaching to the Test.pdf
pdf file Creative Thinking and Problem Solving.pdf
pdf file Gearing Up for a New School Year - Tips and Strategies.pdf
pdf file Tips for Parents on Parent Teacher Conferences.pdf
pdf file Teachers Discussion Guide for Developing a Literacy Program.pdf
pdf file Tips to Making your Presentation Pop.pdf
pdf file Ten Tips to Become an Interview Success.pdf
ppt file Career Development - Beneficial Skills Your Parents Had.pptx
ppt file Ten Thought-provoking TED Talk Quotes.pptx
ppt file Teaching Good Character Education.pptx
ppt file Designing Afterschool Programs Outline.pptx
ppt file Are You Ready for Middle School - Facts for Parents and Students.ppt
ppt file Ilovefree_2011.pptx
pdf file Web2.0Classroom_rev.pdf
xls file Data Driven: Sample Data
ppt file Online and Interactive Tips
Folder Teacher Resources (15 Files)
pdf file Bloom's Taxonomy with Math Learning Application Guide.pdf
pdf file TN STEM (Science, Technology, Education, Mathematics) Framework Guide.pdf
pdf file TN Standards of Math - Academic Vocabulary.pdf
ppt file Principles of Teaching - Approach, Strategy, Method, Technique.pptx
pdf file Jefferson County Schools New Teacher Induction Training.pdf
pdf file Rubric for Classroom Website.pdf
pdf file Blooms Taxonomy Action Verbs and Words.pdf
doc file Ten Strategies for Helping Struggling Students.doc
pdf file Free PBS Teacher Courses.pdf
pdf file Checklist before you begin a lesson.pdf
pdf file JCSS Grading Scale.pdf
pdf file Instruction Based Websites.pdf
pdf file TN Schools Character Education Standards and Assessment.pdf
pdf file 60 Formative Assessment Strategy.pdf
pdf file Britannica Learning Welcome and Set Up
Folder TVAAS Resources (5 Files)
pdf file Three Facts About TVAAS.pdf
doc file TVAAS - Teacher Effectiveness Descriptors.docx
pdf file TVAAS Tutorials.pdf
xls file 2014-2015 Blank Data Projection Sheet.xlsx
pdf file TVAAS Tracking at a Glance
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