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Forms & Documents

Folder 25th Timesheets (10 Files)
Download Copy of 25th August 2015.xls
Download 25th September 2015.xls
Download Copy of 25th October 2015.xls
Download 25th November 2015.xls
Download 25th December 2015.xls
Download 25th January 2016.xls
Download 25th February 2016.xls
Download 25th March 2016.xls
Download 25th April 2016.xls
Download 25th_MAY_2016.xls
Folder 30th Timesheets (12 Files)
Download 30th JULY 2015.xls
Download Copy of 30th AUGUST 2015.xls
Download 30th SEPTEMBER 2015.xls
Download Copy of 30th OCTOBER 2015.xls
Download 30th NOVEMBER 2015.xls
Download 30th DECEMBER 2015.xls
Download 30TH JANUARY 2016.xls
Download 30th FEBRUARY 2016.xls
Download 30th MARCH 2016.xls
Download 30TH APRIL 2016.xls
Download 30th_MAY_2016.xls
Download 30th_JUNE_2016.xls
Folder Administration (19 Files)
Download ApprovedVendingFoods.pdf
Download Child_Abuse_Reporting.pdf
Download Emerg_Drills_Record.doc
Download Emerg_Transporation.pdf
Download OccupationalSurveyEnglish-Spanish_new.doc
Download Retention_letter.doc
Download Student_Acceptable_Internet_Use.pdf
Download Home Language Survey
Download Spanish Internet Usage Form
Sub Folder Discipline (4 Files)
Download Bus_Discipline_Referral.doc
Download DisciplineHearingLetter.doc
Download Suspension_Notification.pdf
Download TRB_Referral.doc
Sub Folder Professional Development (3 Files)
Download PD_budget.xls
Download PD_Plan_Complete_OLD.pdf
Download PD_record_keeping.pdf
Folder Counselors (14 Files)
Download Child_Abuse_Reporting_1.pdf
Download Student_Withdrawl.pdf
Download Student_Withdrawl_JCHS.doc
Download Transfer_student_records_Checklist.pdf
Sub Folder RTI (10 Files)
Download RTI_ChartingGrade1.xls
Download RTI_ChartingGrade2.xls
Download RTI_ChartingGrade3.xls
Download RTI_ChartingGrade4.xls
Download RTI_ChartingGrade5.xls
Download RTI_CoverPage.doc
Download RTI_Tier1_Kdg_Early1.xls
Download RTI_Tier1_Recording.xls
Download RTI_Tier2_Recording.xls
Download RTI_Tier3_Recording.xls
Folder Espanol (4 Files)
Download Clinic Form.pdf
Download Enrollment_Preschool.pdf
Download FERPA_Notification_Espanol.doc
Download Language_Survey_1.doc
Folder Finance (21 Files)
Download 30th JUNE 2014.xls
Download ActivityFund_EndofYearReport.xls
Download Athletic_Official_ Pay.doc
Download Check_Deposit_List.xls
Download Coach_Pay_Request.pdf
Download Direct Deposit Form.doc
Download Donation_Summary.pdf
Download Packing_slip_ not_included.doc
Download prenumbered_receipt.pdf
Download Requisition.xls
Download Teacher_Collection_Log.pdf
Download Ticket_Reconcilation.pdf
Download Timesheet.xls
Download Timesheet_Exempt_classified.xls
Sub Folder Fundraising (7 Files)
Download Profit_analysis.pdf
Download Proposed_Fundraiser.pdf
Download SchoolSupportOrgAnnualInformationForm_.doc
Download Summary_report.pdf
Download Vending_profit_analysis.pdf
Download Yearbook_advertising_sales.pdf
Download Yearbook_ProfitAnalysis.pdf
Folder Misc (5 Files)
Download Community_UseofSchool.pdf
Download Jefferson County Fairgrounds Request Form.pdf
Download Proposed_Improve_to_SchoolProp.doc
Download Student_Public_Forum_Req.doc
Download UseOf_Co_Bus.doc
Folder Parents (14 Files)
Download Authorization_Dispense_meds.pdf
Download Controversial_Materials_Exception.doc
Download UnsafeSchoolChoice.pdf
Download 504 Complaint Grievance Form
Download 504 Due Process Hearing Policy
Download 504 Parent Request for Section 504 Due Process Hearing
Download JCS Notice of Non-discrimination
Download Student Employer Complaints Form
Folder Teachers (30 Files)
Download Child_Abuse_Reporting_2.pdf
Download Emerg_Transporation_1.pdf
Download FERPA_Notification.pdf
Download FERPA_Notification_Espanol_1.doc
Download Inservice_Record.xls
Download Instructional_Materials_Req.doc
Download June_selfselected.pdf
Download PD_Activity_App.pdf
Download PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Records 2015-2016.pdf
Download Release_Media.pdf
Download Release_Publish.pdf
Download Student_Acceptable_Internet_Use_1.pdf
Sub Folder Evaluation (3 Files)
Download Classified_Eval_Checklist.pdf
Download Snapshot CLASSROOM Monitoring FormJCS.pdf
Download WalkThrough_Eval.pdf
Sub Folder Field Trip (4 Files)
Download FT_Confirm.pdf
Download FT_Mileage.pdf
Download FT_OvernightApproval.pdf
Download FT_Request.pdf
Sub Folder Instruction (3 Files)
Download Instructional_Materials_Req.doc
Download Lesson Plans Page 2.doc
Download Lesson Plans-Page 1.doc
Sub Folder Literacy (3 Files)
Download benchmarkla.pdf
Download Lit-Observation.pdf
Download Lit-ObservationBB.pdf
Sub Folder Textbooks (5 Files)
Download Reconsideration_Instructional_Materials_Checklist.doc
Download Reconsideration_Instructional_Materials_Form.pdf
Download Textbook_Evaluation.doc
Download Textbook_LateOrder.doc
Download Workbook_Order.pdf

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