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Unit Starters - Read to Be Ready
Kindergarten Unit - Weather Patterns

Kindergarten: There are common, predictable weather patterns associated with each season, and people, animals, and plants respond to these changing weather patterns.

First Grade Unit - Patterns in the World

Grade 1: Celestial bodies in the solar system are in motion, resulting in patterns like day and night, the seasons, and the moon’s phases.

Second Grade Unit - Changes in Earth's Surface

Grade 2: Some changes in the Earth's surface happen slowly, due to natural processes on the Earth's surface. Others happen suddenly due to incredible forces deep inside the Earth.

Third Grade - Planets in the solar system

Grade 3: Each of the planets in the solar system has its own special path—or orbit—around the sun, resulting in specific characteristics.

Read to Be Ready Chapters
Early Literacy Matters

Early language and literacy development must begin at birth. A good start in language and literacy development is a strong predictor of successful literacy achievement in the early grades, reports of fewer literacy difficulties as students move through their academic career, and preparation for lifelong learning. Early literacy activities shared with parents, grandparents, siblings, family members, and childcare givers are associated with students’ sustained interest and engagement in reading and writing.

But It's Never Too Late

With quality resources and support, even those who are not reading on grade level by third grade can catch up.

More than "Sounding Out"

Why would we read if not to learn about authors’ ideas and enter new worlds that engage our imaginations, invite our questions, and advance our knowledge? Yet this goal for reading is often lost within instruction that overstresses particular aspects of literacy learning while diminishing attention to others. One area that is often overemphasized is “sounding out” words for accurate pronunciations.

Teachers are Critical

Educators must have a deep understanding of the art and science of literacy instruction in order to develop lifelong readers.

It Takes a Community

Because our students do not just learn while they are in the classroom, we each play a key role in helping them grow into successful, lifelong learners and leaders. Whether you are a parent, an educator, a business, or a community member, you hold a piece of the puzzle that, if completed, will make Tennessee a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

Coaching Network Resources
Coaching Network Resources

Check out the R2BR resources for Interactive Read Aloud, Shared Reading, Teaching Foundational Skills Through Reading and Writing, and much more!

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